all the little choices

all the little choices

Have you seen the TV commercial where the people are texting and there are millions of tiny little bits of information flying around them, like an information tornado???  That’s how I’m feeling as I head into the last week before Marathon Day.  My head is dizzy with alllll the little choices I have to make.

Do I carry my own water belt or rely on the water stations provided by the race?

Do I wear sunglasses or  will they annoy the daylights out of me?

Do I wear my hat or just go with a headband?  Maybe the hat would be enough so I can forget the sunglasses?  Maybe the hat will make me hot and the headband would be better.  But geez, maybe the headband will slip and I’ll end up tossing it away.    So….I’m back to the d@mn hat.  With sunglasses..or no?  Oh…I’m lost.

Should I wear shorts or the running skirt?  And why hasn’t the new one I ordered in the smaller size arrived in the mail yet?  Crap.

Do I take a camera or my iPhone?  Am I going to have time to take pictures?  S#it, now I’m thinking about those sweepers again…..I don’t want to get even close to being picked up by them.  I can buy the photo package.

Do I put makeup on and try to look respectable in the pictures or does it melt off anyway, so why bother?

Oh Crap, Where are the bathrooms???  We all know I have a pee-ing problem. 🙂

And, Oh yea…Should I wear underwear or no underwear?

Hey!  It’s a serious choice!  There’s a big debate on the running boards — Do underwear CAUSE chaffing?  Or do they PREVENT chaffing?  I don’t want to find out that answer the hard way, Ya Know?

All these choices, all of these questions….are just the product of an idle mind.  One that is trying not to think too far into the future, so I’m attacking these little details like a giant jumble or Sudoku puzzle.  It’s Ok.  It’s burning up my excess energy, and not harming me permanently.  I’m going to make a decision on each one of these Q/A’s — either when I pack my suitcase next Wednesday night OR when I walk out of my hotel room in Florida at 3:30am next Sunday morning.

The moment of truth for all of these little choices IS coming.  Until then, when we see each other….just smile…..and try not to get sucked up into the vortex of the tiny-detail-tornado that is circling around me.   It’s a temporary condition.  Nothing 26.2 miles won’t cure.  🙂

Ciao for now…….Diane

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