A good start — 18 weeks of JOY!

A good start — 18 weeks of JOY!

So today is the day.  Day 1 of my 18 week Marathon Training.   It feels like it has taken forever to get here.  To the Beginning.  I’m not sure why I make such a big deal of it — I suppose it’s because I am a pretty structured, deadline-oriented person.  Just running, for no reason……has been outside of my comfort zone.  I LIKE following a schedule.  I LIKE having a purpose.  Well, starting today, this trait is going to serve me well – because GIRL,  do I know how to follow a schedule!!  And GIRL, have I got a Schedule in front of me!!  18 weeks of daily learning.  18 weeks into the unknown.  18 weeks from the NEW me…to an even NEW-ER me.  K.E.W.L.!

I set out this morning, in the dark, wearing my normal UnderArmour running shorts, sports bra and tank.  My new item is my reflective vest.  Yea, yea, sorta like the kind the crossing guards wear!  Thanks to my sarcastic, but loveable, daughter Erin — “Mom, are you a crossing guard now?”  Um, no Erin, but thanks.  thanks alot.

Anyhow, out I went into the dark, all lit up like a crossing guard.  But it’s important to make it home alive, right?  so Fashion Be D@mned!  Today was a simple 3 mile run.  Out, down the HILL, past the traffic light, onto Old Stage Rd…..just not as far as the Church.  Not today.   This is going to be my route for almost all of my training.  I’m just going to extend it, um,,,and extend it….and extend it, and…well..extend it until I get the miles I need for the day.  Oh please – we’ll talk about the run that takes me to Von Thun’s Farm another day.  Von Thun’s Farm!!  Holy Moly.

Um, Diane — you are getting ahead of yourself.  Today is Day 1 — 3 miles.  Just a simple 1.5 miler and back.  So that’s what I did.

The first mile, felt HEAVY.  Meaning….with every step, I felt like I could feel every one of my 219 pounds.  I felt Heavy.  But this was just my mind…waking up…cranky.  I pushed through it.  Dodging traffic, steady, one step in front of the other.   About 1.25 miles into it, I began thinking about my turnaround spot at 1.5 miles.  It was just up the street, not far.  I could see it from here.  Then all of a sudden, it dawned on me.  D@mn, I feel good.  I mean, I feel really full of energy, and mentally fresh, like….I….could….do ….this…for a…..while.  A smile crossed my face.  Dare I think the thought?    No, not yet.

I turned around at 1.50 miles, and realized…..Nope, I still feel great.  No stopping at the half way point.  I just kept going, back to the traffic light which signals 2 miles under my belt.  I had the light on my side this morning, and some polite drivers who let me go.  Do you think they knew?  Knew that, {GULP}, my switch was flipped?  Ooops, I said it, or thought it, or typed it.  whatever!

I kept going past the two-mile point, finished my time on the flats, and turned the corner to….Da..Da…DaHHHHH.  The HILL.  Well, there’s only one thing you can do when you have a HILL to climb, and your switch is flipped.  Ya Climb it mon!

I put my sneakers on the white line marking the shoulder, and pedaled my way up the HILL.  At the top, my inner Coach was giving me High 5’s and Kudos, and all kinds of slaps on the back.  The last half mile down the street, past the Lenape Park to my “Street Sign Finish line”, was…well……Glorious.  I’m sure by then, people in their cars, heading to work, were wondering — “Why is that crossing guard running down the street with such a big smile on her face??”  🙂

Day 1 – 3 miles – all running, no walking.  Average pace 12:30; down to 13:30 when I climbed the HILL.  All of this is my starting point.  I’m going to get better, stronger, faster…more Bionic…from here.

I WANT THIS!  Whatever it brings.  Have the Courage to Believe in Heroic Things!

Ciao for now……Diane

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