590 days….a new journey through time

590 days….a new journey through time

I’ve been feeling sad.  I don’t know why.  but what I do know is, that when my emotions are down…..my thoughts follow. When my thoughts follow…my behaviors tag along.  So it’s time to change course.  Set a new direction.  Take a new journey.  This one is a long one.  Where it goes….I can’t predict.  But when it ends…is very precise.  590 days from now.


In 590 days….I will turn 50 years old!  Happy Birthday to me!!!   No not now.  In the future.  590 days from now.  The decision, the journey…is to love every day between now and then.  To celebrate all 590 days, for the tiny miracles and the big surprises that come…day by day.

Between now and the 590th day…..so many things will happen.  Anniversaries, Peter and the girls’ birthdays……both of my beautiful teen age daughters will graduate high school AND move away to college, to begin their life’s adventures.  Deep breath Diane.  Time is going to pass anyway, might as well enjoy it.

And that’s the exact point of this trip to the future.  Time is passing.  We, not a one of us, are promised any certain number of days.  So, must get busy noticing each and every one.  Find something w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l. in each of the next 590 days.  Consider it a challenge!  Share along with me as we take this trip together.

See you tomorrow….and indulge in whatever it brings!

Ciao for now…..DIane

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