365 Days of Happiness (256-267/365)

365 Days of Happiness (256-267/365)

Ohhh, I am sooo far behind with sharing my happiness with you!  Will you allow me to use today to catch up?


We’ll pack so much happiness into this post that we won’t be able to resist a smile!  It has been busy, but I promise my focus has been on Happiness.

July 26 – (256/365) – Peter and Cait left for Florida, to bring Cait and her car back to Florida.  She’s staying with my mom for a few more weeks until move in day at her dorm.  It was really quiet with them both away.

July 27 – (257/365) – Erin and I were taking care of the homestead.  While I was at work, Erin took care of the apartment and Jewel.  For dinner, we went out for Papi’s Tacos and chasing some Pokemon.  Fun night with my bean.

July 28 – (258/365) – Peter made the long drive home in the Camry – alone. Both he and the car arrives safely.  He arrived late – and tired — but safe and sounds.  It was so “sweet” to see how much Jewel missed him!  She loves her daddy.

July 29 –  (259/365) – It’s Friday!  And it’s Payday!  Hey, when you have been unemployed for a little bit — never underestimate how much JOY comes from payday!

July 30 – (260/365)  Tonight I went to my first Pampered Chef Party at my friend Jana’s house.  The party was fun.  I bought some cool stuff.  The most FUN part was seeing friends again (Jana, Donna, and Heather) outside of the old work environment.  These aren’t my co-workers anymore….they are my friends.  I loved that.  More than anything.  Oh and – Heather’s little daughter gave me a red heart glitter tattoo.  Best tattoo I’ll ever get. <3

July 31 – (261/365) – Oh MAN did it rain last night.  Ellicott City took the worst of it.  I was so relieved that Joyce and Hank were okay.

August 1 – (262/365) – Peter took our Camry back to John in Federal Hill and YAY — it passed Safety Inspection!  It needed struts, but we now have the last piece needed to register it in Maryland.

August 2 – (263/365) – Started listening to Half Size Me blogs again.  And I tracked my food.  Starting to start again.  It’s hard.  But this ENTIRE thing is about resilience.  W.I.S.D.O.M comes with a bit of pain.  Always.

August 3 – (264/365) We went to tour a house in Otterbein on Wednesday night.  House hunting is hard.  But we promised ourselves not to be discouraged.  It will happen.

August 4 – (265/365) Golden Kiwi’s from the fruit of the month club.  Every Christmas I order FOTM Club from Harry and David’s and Oh — It never disappoints!

August 5 – (266/365) Friday night, its gorgeous — so Peter, Erin and I went crab picking for dinner!  It was really fun.  We learned a lot about the insides of a crab.  Erin made us eat deep-fried Oreos for dessert.  They were awful.  Here — pass them my way.  I will eat them….to save you from the torture!  HA!

August 6 – (267/365) I decided before I even got out of bed this morning — I AM GOING TO Weight Watchers on SUNDAY!!   So I decided to try something new.  I downloaded my fitness pal and I’m using this new app to track my food, nutrition and Macros.  Oh and today was a Goal day on my Fitbit.  10,000 steps DONE!  Adding things to my life feels so much better than subtracting!

It has been super busy…..but no excuses.  No excuses.  I will keep up with my daily Joy Journal.  I will. #ChooseHappiness365 (256-267)

Ciao for now….Diane

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