365 Days of Happiness (233/365)

365 Days of Happiness (233/365)

For the past two Sundays, I have been going to a Weight Watchers meeting in Fullerton, Maryland.   It’s about 20 minutes from where I’m living.  it’s okay.  I go on Sunday…..because….nothing can compare to the Saturday 8am meeting I had to leave behind in New Jersey.  So, I stay in bed on Saturday morning….missing you all.


Please.  Don’t be sad for me.  I don’t mean to sound as pathetic as that last statement likely did.  I’m just….missing you all.   I posted today that I lost 2.2 pounds this week and earned my 50 pound lost charm at my new Sunday meeting.  You cheered me, encouraged me, loved me from afar.

I cried a little today.  Because I miss you.  But also because….you are all still there.  And I can stop being afraid that you will forget me. <3

#ChooseHappiness365 (233/365)

Ciao for now…..Diane

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