365 Days of Happiness — 2 days in one! (119 & 120/365)

365 Days of Happiness — 2 days in one! (119 & 120/365)

The past two days have felt like ONE enormously long day –so that’s how we will account for it. ¬†2 days in one ūüôā

The drive to Florida was 16+ hours — smooth sailing, not aggressive like some trips in the past. ¬†The traffic wasn’t bad either — UNTIL we got to Florida. ¬†Jacksonville (or Jville as we call it ūüôā ) is undergoing long-term road construction and we hit it right at 545pm¬†Friday night. ¬†N.I.C.E. is all that needs saying.

Then we hit the I-4 construction. ¬†Ah-hem, I’m corrected — the ULTIMATE I-4 construction project. ¬†Two lanes of traffic moving 5 miles per hour. ¬†Hey — that was my marathon pace. ¬†I could’ve kept up :0 ¬† That’s the bright side. ¬† When we made it past the 2+ hour delay, the flashing lights told the story of an 8-car crash. ¬†Horrible. ¬†I suppose our delay was really just an opportunity for us to open the windows and breathe in some fresh night air. ¬†In the grand scheme of life on Friday night…. we were lucky and blessed. ¬†Perspective is a teachable moment every single day.



Saturday was G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S! ¬†Tonight — we jumped in my mom’s pool with our clothes on. ¬†Hey — some things are just TOO GOOD to wait for! ¬†#ChooseHappiness365 (119 & 120/365) ¬†#FirstTimeForEverything

Ciao for now….Diane


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