365 Days of Happiness (175/365)

365 Days of Happiness (175/365)

I forgot to post yesterday, so let’s rewind the tape  and post as if it were Friday night.  {For all you millennial types — that’s kinda like tapping the “back” button on our smart phone.}


Friday night — pizza was the dinner.  For me, NOT the best choice.  I weigh in for Weight Watchers on Saturday morning, so I don’t like having a heavy meal on Friday night.  I’m grateful for my wonderful husband Peter, who cooked me a piece of salmon on a bed of rosemary and lemons — and then made some couscous to go along with.  After all that — he rode out and brought home some pizza for the rest of the family.  Thank you sweetheart.

The second moment of gratitude is a humorous one.  My mother — who weighed 99 pounds most of her life – then shot up to a whopping 134 pounds after having 7 children….was enjoying her pizza.  Two small pieces.  She’s sitting there at the table with her crust on her plate.  She picks it up, breaks off a piece and takes in a big breath — the kind of breath a person might take if they were a contestant in a hot dog eating contest and was facing the prospect of eating his last hotdog — and was unsure if there was room.  REALLY Unsure.

There’s my mom, shifting in her seat — trying to make some room for her last bit of crust from her second slice of this little pizza.  Ahhhh — why did I have to inherit her brown eyes….and not her mouse-like appetite.  You always make me laugh mom.  I’m so happy to be spending these weeks with you.  <3

#ChooseHappiness365 (175/365)

Ciao for now….Diane




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