1/4 cup guess-timating

1/4 cup guess-timating

So I’m in Philadelphia, at the University of Penn, The Wharton School for a week of leadership Training at SII, the Securities Industry Institute.


I’m avoiding alcohol — I’m trying to be On Plan.  So I brought my 1/4 cup collapsible measuring cup.  No – I wont be pulling it out of my purse at the buffets — but I will be looking at it regularly, T.R.Y.I.N.G. my best to estimate everything I eat in 1/4 cup increments!

Try baby girl, TRY!!

Ciao for now….Diane

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  1. Avoiding alcohol completely! Now that’s a normal idea. It will always get in the way of my best intentions. And honestly it’s always on the forefront of how I could fix the plan to make it work for me. Waiting alcohol may be a very good place to start. I know in my mind on my body says oh my God how am I going do this. Not an alcoholic but depend on it more than I want to! I have been bouncing from meeting to meeting not sure where it fits best into my schedule. I really like the 8 AM group so I am going to try to make it there. And then going forward …..seven days alcohol free will be my goal and we’ll see what happens. My guess will be good. Thanks for lighting the bulb in my head,once again, as always Diane.

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