12.21.12 The END of the WORLD!

12.21.12 The END of the WORLD!

The end of the world came….and went.  The Mayans, great people and all, but their time is over, their calendar ended today — and the world kept turning.  Not that I expected any less.  It’s still early — some people think the Big End might come at midnight.  I myself, think the Mayans were sun-worshipping people, and they woulda gotten it done in the morning — if it were going down today.  So since I was still here, and the treadmill was still here.  I put 1+1 together to equal 6.  Miles, that is!!!  Another 6-miler done.

The snow storm that dumped 2 feet of snow on Denver, has moved east.  Luckily, our temps were in the 50’s today, so all we got was tremendous rain and 40 mph winds.  Not great running weather, so I stayed inside another day for my run on the treadmill.  At around 3 miles, I wanted to quit.  But that was my head…being annoying.  I ran 6 miles on that moving road two days in a row..I KNEW I could do it.  So I dug deep, and found the strength to shut off my wandering mind, and got the work done.  Wow, did I feel fit, and strong, and d@mn good when I finished!  A>W>E>S>O>M>E!

I’m heading into the weekend feeling really good.  Tomorrow is Saturday, Rest Day.  Chill Pill Day.  Get My Head Str8 Day!  I have 15 miles to do on Sunday and it feels comfortable, to both my body and my mind.

Looking forward to it.  Heading into the Christmas Week with such wonderful, positive feelings.  None of which….have anything to do with Food.  That’s such a gift.  One I wrapped for myself over 3 months ago — and get to open soon….very very soon.

Ciao for now….Diane

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