100 Days of Happiness (98/100)

100 Days of Happiness (98/100)

Tonight — this is really difficult.


(My husband Peter and his father Piet on our wedding day.)

Tonight, my husband Peter’s father passed away.  Opa (his name is Piet) has been suffering with dementia for the past few years.  The last 6 months have been incredibly hard for Peter’s sisters (Karen and Ann) to bear as they visited him in the care center in Holland.

Tonight, my heart is lifted knowing that Peter and Erin visited Holland last Spring, and had a chance to see Opa one last time,

Go swiftly Opa.  Go with our love.  Oma is waiting for you in heaven.  Knowing this….eases the pain a little, and allows us to smile through the tears!

#Peace #100happydays (98/100)

Doei….for now Opa…..Diane

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