100 Days of Happiness (77/100)

100 Days of Happiness (77/100)

Yesterday, Peter and I drove down to Baltimore to meet up with a small circle of friends from my work.  My last day is rapidly approaching and they planned a Bon Voyage of sorts.  The food, drink and the company was just perfect.  If you are lucky, as I am, to meet certain people who transcend the “business” side of what you do together….and bond to each other through experiences that connect your hearts — Well — then you are living a bountiful life!

Toward the end of dinner – they pulled out a card and a gift.  When I opened the box, I found a Pandora bracelet.  Just beautiful.  That’s what my eyes told me.  What happened next, well…..it spoke to my heart. <3


Each of the charms on the bracelet was carefully chosen by my friends for me.  Chosen by these beautiful people, to represent our connection, our tie.  They handed me a scroll – that explained it all.

A palm tree….to always remind you of your happy place – jana

A suitcase……for the friendship developed during our world travels together – carey

An apple……..for my teaching partner in London, and my mentor – john

A labrador…..Zoey – Love never ends – donna

A wishbone….I feel ‘lucky’ to have worked with you – joan

Warm tears began to run down my cheeks from behind my glasses.  They “get” me.  The gift itself was/is/will always be precious.  But what I will never forget is – the experience.  Those moments at that table, looking at their faces, knowing that to even “think” of a gift like this…..they would have to know me, know my heart.

And they do.  And I know them.  And that connection, that tie — cannot be broken by distance or time.

I love you all.  And thank you, for…..All Of It.  Every day.  Because it brought us, HERE.  #100happydays (77/100)

Ciao for now…..Diane

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