100 Days of Happiness (64/100)

100 Days of Happiness (64/100)

It’s January 16th and it feels like SPRING outside.  51 degrees and sunny.  Oh don’t get me wrong, I LOVE it — but it’s just so weird.    This winter, we have had fewer ‘cold’ days thus far than spring-like days.  I don’t know if this is all because of the El Nino the weatherman keep talking about — or if it’s an ominous sign of changing weather patterns due to our (read mankind’s) poor care of our planet.


Deep deep questions for a lazy Saturday.  Either way, I spend this January day in 2016 with daffodils on my mind.  Two months too soon — but — eventually YELLOW will be the color of the season.

SPRING ROCKS, even in January.  #100happydays (64/100)

Ciao for now….Diane

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