100 Days of Happiness (61/100)

100 Days of Happiness (61/100)

Struggling to find some happiness today.  You’ll understand in a moment.


They say “All Dogs Go To Heaven”.   Today – our dear 10-year old chocolate lab Zoey went to heaven.  She was a wonderful dog.  Happy, zany, loving….and eager to be with us – always!    3 days ago — she went lame.  Couldn’t lift her head, couldn’t walk, could barely move.  She was in such pain and fear.   Our vet said it was probably a spinal injury and there was little we could do.

So we did what we were responsible to Zoey to do.  We stayed with her, held her, spoke softly to her — all of our words of love from our family to her — as she slipped from this world to sit at the foot of God.  We will miss you every day Zoey.  Perhaps our only solace today — our only happiness lies in these two things:  for 10 years you filled our lives with JOY and heaven just got more fun because of you.

Goodbye sweet Zo zo, a-go-go.

#100happydays (in your honor, sweet one) 61/100

Ciao for now….Diane

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