100 Days of Happiness (53/100)

100 Days of Happiness (53/100)

Hoda Kotb wrote a new book.  I was reading about it today and the topic seems too close for comfort for me these day.  The book is called “Where We Belong”.  Interesting, you’re curious, right?  Me too.


I think at a broad level it’s about people….who have summoned their bravery…to take an unexpected path in the journey of their lives, somehow.  Something Hoda said in an interview today really caught my attention and it has stuck with me all day.    (I’m paraphrasing here), but she said something like …….”that sometimes our lives…just as they are….are the path of least resistence…and we just keep living them day-after-day, EVEN if they are unsatisfying or unfulfilling.  That it’s e.a.s.i.e.r. to stay where we are, unhappy, than to be b.r.a.v.e. and change your life.”


BULLS-EYE, right?

I think 2016 might be the year where I figure out Where I Belong….now.  in the present.  today.   I think I was living where I used to belong, and that rug being pulled out from under me a month ago — created the bravery I needed to make myself change.  Where am I going?  I don’t just know yet.  But I’m going to be happy there.  That much is certain.  #100happydays (53/100)

Ciao for now……Diane


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