100 Days of Happiness (47/100)

100 Days of Happiness (47/100)

Today especially, we can feel the BIG shift away from Christmas to the celebration of the coming New Year,  The countdowns to ….. well, everything….have begun.  Yet, I’m sitting here in my family room beside the Christmas tree – enjoying the last few nights of its glow.

Our daughters went into NYC today with their friend Stan from High School.  I really love Stan.  He calls me Mom,  well – and so it is.  Anyway — they went in to see the Rockefeller Tree, to ride the Ferris Wheel in the Times Square Toys R Us, on this, its LAST day.  The store is closing.  Time Square rent is too high.  Really Sad!  They had lunch at the Hard Rock…and h.e.c.k…..their bus even broke down on the way home  Now THAT’S a FULL day in New York!!

osblights2 osblights3 osbournelights

Well — today my happy thoughts drift to another “Last”.  This year – Christmas 2015, is the Last Year for the Osborne Lights at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.   <CRACK> –  that’s my heart breaking a little.  I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those flying angels while Christmas in Sarajevo plays.  So here is a huge Thank You to my sister Debbie, who lives in Florida and went to see the Osborne Lights and shared these pictures for us.

Tonight….Let’s Have Just One More Night of Christmas before we focus on 2016.

Game?  SWEET!  #100happydays (47/100)

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