100 Days of Happiness (43/100)

100 Days of Happiness (43/100)

Day after Christmas, and I was up at 7am — getting myself ready to go to my 8am Weight Watchers Meeting.  What?? It’s Saturday, right?

Sure enough.  Somehow, even with the “devilish” Thumbprint cookies — I managed to lose 1.8 pounds over Christmas.  Like a thief in the night — I grabbed it and ran!  The meeting was uplifting.  Denise was inspiring and compassionate and pushy.. haha!  All the RIGHT things a person needs to get themselves ‘right’ with food.  When I say pushy, I mean that Denise encourages action.   Hey — these changes aren’t gonna happen by themselves.  We gotta make ’em happen!

So I’m home today, cleaning up a little, resting a little ….and soaking up one of my Christmas presents.

Erin brought me Irish Breakfast Tea, all the way from Dublin.  She knows me so well.  And there is something s.u.p.e.r.b. when your children leave home….and come back with small things that help you realize….”you did well Mom.  You created a kind being for the world.

So, I’m bathing my soul (and my residual sugar cravings) in my Erin’s love…and a nice hot cup of tea,  #100happydays (43/100)


Ciao for now…..Diane

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