100 Days of Happiness (41/100)

100 Days of Happiness (41/100)

Today is Christmas Eve, and earlier in the day, my tender-hearted 18-year old daughter asked me…‘mom, are we too old to get Christmas pajamas?‘  The slight tremble in her voice, the wide-eyed look in her eyes, the vulnerability of her question – it was a little heart breaking.

All day, I had to put that moment (and her question) out of my mind.  Until after dinner, as the light drained out of the day – and the lights on the Christmas tree began to cast the rosy glow inside our home.  I tip-toed upstairs to Peter and my bedroom, snuck the two packages out of my closet, and quietly snuck back down to the tree, to tuck the bundles underneath.

It wasn’t long before someone noticed the additions under the tree, and our two girls were sitting underneath the twinkle of colored lights, opening their first Christmas present.    If the calendar didn’t remind me otherwise, they could have been seven years old, if excitement and fun were the measure.


When we were done, they gathered up their gifts, and their wrapping paper and began to head upstairs.  Before they left, I reminded them of something important.  ‘Cait, Erin — no matter how old you are — you will NEVER be too old to be loved by your Mom.  On Christmas Eve,  whether we are together or apart, for as long as I live — you will ALWAYS have Christmas pajamas.’

The hugs, kisses, and yes (a few tears) are over.  The girls are upstairs, showering, and pampering, and wrapping themselves in their mother’s love.  Christmas Eve.  Christmas pajamas.  Simply perfect.  #100happydays (41/100)

Ciao for now……(and to all a good night!)  Diane

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