100 Days of Happiness (93/100)

100 Days of Happiness (93/100)

Happy Valentines’s Day <3

Over the years, Peter and I have really mellowed to the idea of Valentine’s Day.  We just don’t feel the need to add any pressure to our lives….in order to create some B.I.G. symbolic event around something that we know every day.  We Love Each Other.  We Are Each Other’s Valentine, Soul Mate, Lover, Friend, …. all nouns apply.  That’s what working on a good marriage gifts to you.  You do the work..you get a valentine e.v.e.r.y. y.e.a.r  🙂  It’s the simple things that grow our love.  Those are the things I treasure…. in February….and March….and April….all year long.


Peter and i got engaged in January of 2004.  So by the time Valentine’s Day rolled around, my Dutch fiance was back in Holland, and we were planning our July wedding and his move to America.   So I was pretty used to the long distance thing by that time, after a 2-year long distance courtship with one of us flying over an ocean for a long weekend with the other.

On February 14th 2004, my doorbell rang (like that of many other women on Valentine’s Day) and there on the other side of the door was a florist delivery guy.  After I opened my box, expecting roses (typical, right?)….. I was greeted by the most beautiful collection of tulips.  Every color I could imagine.  They blew the roses out of the water!

When I opened the card, it read something like this…”To Diane, Happy Valentine’s Day….with a touch of Dutch.  Love Peter”.  The flowers were beautiful, of course, but Peter’s wit and thoughtfulness….was precious.   It might have been February 14th….but I could hardly wait for July.  I knew all over again why I wanted to marry this man.

Yesterday, my Dutch husband came home from Whole Foods with our groceries….and a gift for me.  Orange Tulips. Orange…it’s a Dutch thing too!    Everyday since July 17th, 2004 — I get a touch of Dutch…and that’s like everyday is Valentine’s Day.  #100happydays (93/100)

Ciao for now….Diane


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