One of life’s B.E.S.T. days

One of life’s B.E.S.T. days

June 2014 will be a month of many firsts.  My eldest daughter Caitlin, my first little bundle, is 18 years old — in her senior year of high school.  With 16 days of school left….Let the ride begin!

Last night was the Senior Prom 2014 — only one word to describe it.   B.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l!!!


Cait got a fabulous up-do by Michelle Whinna at Salon Seraphim. We’ve been going to Michelle for nearly 10 years. She’s wonderful. Her skill with the up-do is amazing. It was a braided, soft, feminine style. We loved it, and Cait’s friends at the prom loved it too.

She was escorted for the night by her friend Evan. A very nice young man. They were all smiles…danced the night away. Cait felt beautiful. And that is all that matters.

The day was peaceful, everything went according to plan..and then we just l.e.t. g.o. — and let life B.E.


Ciao for now… Diane

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