Goals Goals Goals…

Goals Goals Goals…

I’m motivated by g.o.a.l.s….BIG and s.m.a.l.l…..  The Key to motivation is the WANTING the outcome more than you DiSLiKe the work you have to put in to get it!  So, I  want to spend the next year Eating Right and conquering my Binge behavior.  I’m thinking of motivating myself by Running the Honolulu Marathon and then spending my 50th birthday in Hawaii!!  Hmmm…… muy interesante!!!


Am I crazy??

Ciao for now…Diane

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    • The course is mostly flat Mary, with an out-and-back around Diamondhead — so that will hurt..(TWICE). But it just might be worth the challenge just to float in the waters off Waikiki afterwards!

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