It Happens….so sue me!

It Happens….so sue me!

Work took me to Baltimore for two days.  I go down on the train with some colleagues.  It’s not a bad trip all in all.  Some local ladies showed me the jogging path around the Harbor area, so I managed to get my run in.  It was a run/walk truly.  Not my best.   But Whatever!

I NEVER do well when I am on unfamiliar turf.  The simple “not knowing where I am going” feeling takes over — and the love of the run disappears underfoot.  It’s weird how that happens.

On the train ride home last night, I started feeling very unwell.  Feverish, stuffed up, sneezing, achy.  Ugh.  I took some NyQuil (the nectar of the gods for the sick) and went to bed.  Sleep was sound.  Hell I was in a NyQuil stupor!  But I woke up feeling much the same.

I skipped my run today.  yikes.  It’s been worrying me all day.  I have to learn to let it go.  “Have Short Term Memory Diane”, says Marathon Brian.

So I’m resting today.  Even though the calendar says 5 miles.  My body took a rest day.

It happens….so sue me!

Ciao for now….Diane

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