An “Emotional” Intervention

An “Emotional” Intervention

I’m feeling better.  My cold, fever, stomach ache, etc seem to have gone.  I’m relieved.  Cuz tomorrow is Sunday, Long Run Day.  I have 10 miles on the “To-Do” list tomorrow.  In addition to feeling crappy, all week-long I’ve been feeling kind of low, emotionally.  I don’t feel like I’ve had any “wins” this week, and it was bringing me down.  My ambition fell along with my feelings (nah, really?)….until it felt like I had to scrape it up off the floor like a dried up old paint spot.

It was time for an Emotional Intervention!

Let’s add to the week that I left Weight Watchers with a .2 pound gain.  WHAT? A GAIN?  Ok, well, it didn’t matter that .2 of a pound could have been the weight of my underwear, but a GAIN???!!!  WTF???!!!???  That is all my mind was registering.  A freakin’ Gain.  I jumped on my bike and took the ride home.  It was then I decided….I needed an Intervention.  For Me.  By Me.  “Diane, girl — shake it off!  Right now!  You are strong!  You are as strong as you want to be!  What do you want to be?”     I want to be S-TRONG!   There ya go.  There YOU are!”

Saturday was a busy day of errands.  But this is how Saturday went in my mind.  Every where I went — to the supermarket, on a walk with the dogs, to the clothing store — everywhere I went, I made myself take notice of how healthy I felt.  How fast my walking pace had become.   How small my pant size has become.  How much more energy, and breath capacity I have.  ALL this has come from running, and losing weight.  ALL of this, seemed impossible a year ago — when I couldn’t make it around my block at a running pace.

“Diane, you’re just breaking through another mental barrier between WHO you are now, and WHO you are about to become.  It’s normal to be afraid of it.  It’s normal to attempt to hold yourself back with Self-Doubt.  That’s why I am here.  To KICK DOWN THE DOOR, and THROW YOUR @SS THROUGH IT!”

Thanks Coach.

So I’m heading to bed tonight, with my Gatorade and Gels all packed and ready to go.  I’m heading out to do 10 miles — LOL, which I found myself today telling my husband Peter that “is nothing at all”.  10 miles, pffft.  piece of cake.  LOL, Oh Bother!

Marathon Brian has asked me to do 7 miles with no walking.  That’s 5 miles out to the end of Old Stage Rd, and then 2 miles back to Timothy.  Who’s Timothy?  I really have no idea.  But he must have been somebody special to someone…cuz there is a street sign named after him that marks 3 miles from home!  Ahhh, the mind reaches for anything it can to help ease the pain!

Emotions are high-er.  Calmer.  Stronger.  I’m ready.  Feeling better.  More myself.  Looking forward to tomorrow morning.  I L.O.V.E. owning the morning.

Ciao for now…..Diane

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