Perspective is a funny thing

Perspective is a funny thing

Driving around “The World of Mouse” down here in Orlando today…..I couldn’t help noticing how darn faaaaar away everything seemed.  Could this have anything to do  with the fact that the next time I am here, I will be running these same roads from Epcot to the Magic Kingdom, then onto the Animal Kingdom, pressing onward to the Hollywood Studios, and finally back to the Imagination Parking lot for the finish line in Epcot?  Hmmmm, that perspective could have something to do with it!!!  LMAO!!

The Marathon Course this year includes a lap around the Race Track outside the Magic Kingdom, and a run around the ball field  inside the Wide World of Sports.  Peter and I had never been to the WW of S in all our trips down here, so we took a drive out there today.  As I was driving, we passed the Animal Kingdom Park, and about 2-3 mins of driving later,, I couldn’t help but think, , Damn, there better be a short cut for running that doesn’t include this roadway….where the hell is this place??  Timbuktu?  We finally pulled into the place, and took a stroll around.

I found the store and bought myself a Run Disney, “In Training” T-shirt! And a Marathon In Training magnet for my car.  It was cool. Soon, we were back in the car, on the road toward Hollywood Studios and Epcot.  Ohhhhhh boy, seems far too!  Shortly,  I was laughing my butt off….26.2 miles…..this was going to be the adventure of my lifetime.  For Certain!!!!!.

Ciao for now…….Diane

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