Paris in the spring….

Paris in the spring….

I’ve been battling a terrible stomach flu, and I’m finally feeling better.  Which is better than good, because……we’re heading to Paris for Spring Break.

paris spring

When my Erin turned 16 in February, we offered her a choice between a big Sweet 16 party, or a trip.  Being a traveller at heart, she chose Paris!   So by the time you are reading this on Saturday morning, we will have touched down in Paris — and emersed ourselves in everything the city has to offer.

Happy Sweet 16 to our sweet Erin.  I’m looking forward to spending the week with you and Cait and Peter — exploring, walking, talking, and laughing every day.

Day One, our mission is to stay awake!  Shake off the jet lag!  Find a lovely little cafe where we will have lunch — and go tour the Louvre!

Mona Lisa, give us your best smile. I’ve waited a lifetime to see you.  Although I’ve heard you are a petite lil thing and I will have to fight my way past the Japanese tourists to see you.   No worries!    I’m comin’ for you girl!


See you in a week……Au Revoir!

Ciao for now…..Diane

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