Juice Cleanse Complete!

Juice Cleanse Complete!

And I am Re-Born!


In my heart, I just know I’m an orange Butterfly ūüôā

Juicing ended a day earlier than planned, because as it turns out — I have to go to Baltimore on Tuesday for an unplanned series of days work down there. ¬†So I needed to spend Monday transitioning back to food. ¬†Yea — everything in life, well….everything well done in life ….. involves a transition.

Ahhh, transition. ¬† ¬†Most of us don’t like a transition. ¬† Don’t know exactly what transition means, literally, BUT it appears to take time…..and hence it flies in the face of what we humans like most. ¬†Instant Gratification! ¬†Ok, for old-time sake, here we go. ¬†Back to the dictionary:

Transition:  The process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.

Hey. ¬†Hold Up. ¬†That’s P.E.R.F.E.C.T. actually. ¬†Remember – this process has been all about re-starting, and transforming, and becoming. ¬†Becoming a butterfly! ¬† ¬†Transition appears to be the perfect word for what should happen next. ¬†THIS is the phase where we use our little butterfly feet..(do butterflies have feet??) …and kick our way out of the cocoon! ¬† So, let’s go. ¬†Get kicking. ¬†We’ve got transitioning to do. ¬†I feel my orange-ness building. ¬†My wings are ready to sprout. ¬†I’ve outgrown this juice, this chrysalis is too small for us now. ¬†The world await. ¬†Time to F.L.Y.

Well, you don’t go from drinking green juice to drinking coffee and eating steak overnight. ¬†Well — not if you don’t want to spend the day with a severe bellyache. ¬†So transitioning back to food is the process for the next few days. ¬†Diane-the-Rule-Follower is on. ¬†the. ¬†case! ¬† This butterfly isn’t gonna be born with a bellyache. ¬†Um, do butterflies have bellies? ¬† Well, I sure hope mine has some pretty speckles on it.

Breakfast was fruit. ¬†A small amount. ¬† It’s amazing how not-hungry I feel. ¬†My stomach shrank I’m sure of it. ¬†I did have about 1/4 cup of coffee. ¬†I just missed it sooo much. ¬†I was prepared to drink the entire cup, but after a few sips, my stomach started to complain. Deciding early to listen to my body — stopping at the 1/4 cup was just perfect. ¬† ¬†For lunch I had a big plate of steamed brocolinni, red bell pepper, and onions. ¬†Filling, warm, refreshing. ¬†It was everything I was craving by this point. ¬†Later in the day — I made myself a Garden Lites Butter Nut Squash souffle. ¬†I’d heard about it on our WW facebook page from another member. ¬†It was very very good. ¬†Only 5PPV for a nice size portion. ¬†The warmth and slight sweetness was such a treat. ¬†Fullness came quick.

Peter, my wonderful husband, made us a delicious Vegetable Soup for dinner. ¬†He made Emeril’s Garden Vegetable Soup ¬†from a recipe he found on Good Morning America. ¬†Our entire family enjoyed it together for dinner, with a small side of grilled chicken — if my body was ready.

The entire day was light, yet satisfying, and I was feeling A.W.A.K.E and A.L.I.V.E and Ready For Flight! ¬†Did you know when a butterfly first comes out of its cocoon, its wings are new, and wet? ¬†They need to spend some time drying out, before they are able to take flight for the first time. ¬†This is the phase I believe I am in. ¬†I’m HERE. ¬†I’m NEW. ¬†I’m VIBRANT. ¬†I’m Drying Out.

But I’m ready. ¬† For My Life. ¬†With a renewed Excitement. ¬†A new Appreciation. ¬† Um, er….and a clean colon. ¬†ūüôā

Ciao for now……Diane





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