Day 1 Cleanse – reflections…

Day 1 Cleanse – reflections…

I’m amazed by how “not hungry” I am…..and by how energized I feel!


Heck, I spent some bucks on this stuff, so I went into Day 1 with a very good attitude!  Nobody’s making me do this….so why not embrace it fully!  As I write those words…..echoes of Marathon Brian’s words about the Marathon are floating around in my brain.  He said the same thing about it.  I so wished I had listened more, and tamped down the fear that I allowed to surround me back then!  Lesson learned Marathon Brian..Lesson learned!

Opening the first Green Juice — the overwhelming scent of cucumbers hit my nose.    Not unpleasant…..but nothing to celebrate.   Drinking the green juice was a “choking it down” kind of experience.  But it went down, and I was on my way.

Each juice brought a different experience.  This is why Day 1 is Kinda Cool, I guess.   The Pineapple one is sweet. The Spicy Lemonade was really refreshing, my favorite by far!  And the Cashew Milk was thicker, chewy — more decadent, like a dessert!

All very filling.  I did what they recommended, and drank lots of water in between each one.  I know they say a cleanse gives your digestive system a nice break, but my bladder and kidneys are sure getting a workout.  All in all though, I feel great.  I’ve given up my gatorade while running, but still have plenty of energy to do my 3 miles a day, with water as my aid.

When my family sits down to eat, I sit with them, and enjoy the dinner company.  It’s one of my favorite times of the day, sitting and chatting at meal time.  Even with teenagers…..the conversation at dinner time….is anything goes.  I think, you need to teach your children to talk to you when they are little……so they continue to talk to you when they are grown.  Families bond at dinner.  Never, EVER miss that opportunity.  Even when dinner….is Juice!

Just before my last juice, the Cashew Milk, at about 7pm — was the first time I felt the urge to E.A.T!  It’s funny……the night time snacking urge…..reared its ugly head, even during the Juice Cleanse.  My mind, the evil addicted part, did NOT WANT cashew milk.  It wanted…chips, or chocolate, or anything , anything at all.  That’s how addictive cravings are!  They are not peticular.  Not peticular at all.

I fought it.  I won.  It was Cashew Milk…..and then it was bed time.  Day 1 was a success!  I would wake to another day morning without coffee!  Heaven help me be strong, LOL!

Ciao for now..Diane



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