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#JoyRising – thanksgiving

#JoyRising – thanksgiving

Sometimes family can’t be all together for Thanksgiving.  Caity gathered with Mom and Deb in Florida.  Erin, Peter and I snuggled in our Baltimore apartment with Jewel.  The magic of FaceTime brought us together for a time.  Then – like magic, our first Christmas Card of the season arrived…..and brought the whole day into perspective.  “As Long As We Have Family, We Have Everything.”



Ciao for now….Diane

#JoyRising – ornaments

#JoyRising – ornaments

When you move — and you are living in a temporary apartment — everything you own, minus what you brought with you, is still in storage.

And when this period of your life — lasts longer than you expected — and seasons change — with Christmas coming — and all your decorations are in bins/in storage/in New Jersey…..   You Hafta Go Shopping!


Ornament Shopping!!  Ohhh – it was so much fun.  Peter, Erin and I — like Kids in a Christmas Candy Shoppe!

Don’t worry Caitlin, we will take you back there when you are home so you can select your special twinkly bits!


Ciao for now…..Diane

#JoyRising – shutterfly

#JoyRising – shutterfly

In this digital age — I still L.O.V.E. sending and receiving real, paper and ink, Christmas cards.  Some years, they have photos, other years – a charming Christmas scene or an eco-friendly card supporting a charity or an animal in crisis. Right around now — a few weeks before Thanksgiving — I order my Christmas cards.  JOY!

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