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365 Days of Happiness (188/365)

365 Days of Happiness (188/365)

As Saturday morning approaches….I begin to have those feelings.  You know the feelings.  Those tingle sensations…sometimes good, sometimes not….where your ‘true self’ starts telling your conscious self just what kinda week you had.    Just what kinda outcome you deserve.   What’s the scale gonna say???  Huh?  Huh??

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365 Days of Happiness (185/365)

365 Days of Happiness (185/365)

Two lesser-known facts about M.E


  1. I love bees.  Favorite is the bumble bee…..but honey bees….are awesome too!
  2. I love lotions, cremes, oils, body butters……I love their fragrance, the feel, the softness.

So – finding something that merges these two things together….. is a decadent treat, not to be missed!!

Thank you Savannah Bee Company!  <3 <3 <3      #ChooseHappiness365 (185/365)

Ciao for now…Diane



365 Days of Happiness (184/365)

365 Days of Happiness (184/365)

This time in Florida is a gift.  Sure, it’s not h.o.m.e.  Well, it’s not our home.  We are guests.  Trying to be the best guests we can — both succeeding and failing on a daily basis, I am sure!  But I wouldn’t trade this time with my mother — for anything.


We do simple things.  Simple things that I will treasure forever.

I snapped this picture a few days ago, while my mom was eating her lunch – after she came home from getting her hair done.  See her smile?  That’s my mom.  When I close my eyes — no matter how many miles away I go — she is with me — with that amazing smile.  And her marvelous laugh.  And her naughty sense of humor.   And that sparkle in her eyes.  And her words of love for me.   Priceless.  I spend every day of my time here in Florida — listening to my mom tell me her stories.  [Even the repeats!] …. enjoying her laugh…..adoring her smile…..lapping up the time.

Time.   Life’s greatest gift.  Remember to spend it well.

I love you mom.  #ChooseHappiness365 (184/365)

Ciao for now…..your little girl, Diane

365 Days of Happiness (181/365)

365 Days of Happiness (181/365)

It’s time to share the good news.  I got a new job!

Losing one’s job is a process.  Managing unemployment is a process.  Searching for a new job is a process.  Even getting hired is a process!   The verbal offer came a little over a week ago, then the letter, then the pre-employment screening, then the background check.  After ALL OF THAT — I think I’ve made it to the ‘excitement’ phase!

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